Carlisle 13x6.50-6 Turf Master 4ply Tire


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Turf Master professional grade tires feature Carlisle's most durable compound with deep tread lugs in a profile optimized for stability and traction. 

Purchase is for tire only, rim is not included. 

13x6.50-6 Specs
Ply: 4
Mounted Diameter: 13.4 in
Mounted Width: 6.13 in
Rim Diamete:r 6 in
Rim Width: 4.5 in
Rated Load: 460 Lbs
Max PSI: 28
Tread Depth: 09/32 in
Carlisle Part number 5112491

Aftermarket part

Toro 126-1509
Exmark 126-1509
Z-Spray 126-1509

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